Our People

Companies don’t build real estate, people do, and we’re especially proud of the family we’ve meticulously assembled at GLC Development.

  • Gerhard Lotter Conradie : Founding and Managing Director
  • Ben-Nic van Zyl : Our right-hand and Development Manager 
  • Liza Oberholzer : Head of Sales
  • Melanie Lloyd : Legal Advisor
  • Madalain Louwrens : Accounts
  • Debbie van der Spuy : Buyer
  • Vernon Arendse : Assistant Buyer 
  • Cecile Heyns : Executive Assistant

The team on site, doing the hard work:

  • Jimmy Niemand 
  • Ralph de Jager
  • Gert Combrink
  • Colin Bonthuys
  • Derrick Crafford

Our Partners

The complexity of the business of property development dictates the need for a team of experts in a wide range of disciplines, all being able to work together to achieve the same goals.  Thus, our projects are undertaken with trusted partners, be it opportunity funds, attorneys, service providers, suppliers, consultants or contractors.  We work closely with them, based on a relationship of openness, free-flowing knowledge and trust from the very outset, including, to name a few: